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di Fabian Scolz
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Digital pass for access to the "Leadership Course " of the OSM Corsi APP, available on the App Store and Play Store.
Within 24 hours of purchase you will receive an email with your digital pass.
The course contains 4 video-courses lasting about 10 minutes each:

  • "Change the way you see business" - Controintuitive thought goes against the logics. Fabian Scolz in this videocourse explains how the controintuitive thought can change your point of view about business.
  • "Are you being the cause or the effect of your problems?" - If you don't understand this aspect you will be in a difficult situation. You have to understand your level of causativity. Fabian knows how.
  • "Emotional response" - Did it ever happen to you that when you're facing a stressful situation you got angry? Everyday, if you're a leader or a manager, you face decisions or situations that sometimes are stressful. Those are called emotional response.
  • "Focus on your goals"- When you decide something in order to achieve your goals, you have to decide it twice.The firs one in the mental environment and the second one in the material environment. If you believe in your dream, all the universe will conspire and will help you to realize it.

"This Course aims to help enterpreneurs and managers to handle their collaborators in order to make them more performant and sucsessful."

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